Exton is a full service A/V rental and sales company

We are the experienced market leader in Iceland

Our services include

  • Audio Equipment rental, ranging from dry hire of simple systems and up to full production packages for concerts, meetings and conferences.
    Lighting, video, stage and rigging equipment rental and production services for any kind of event.
  • Equipment Sales & Integration Services including boxed sales of audio, video and lighting equipment plus integration of media systems for theatres, TV, meeting rooms and e.t.c.
  • We at Exton are able to provide our clients with any kind of A/V related services. Our collective objective is to help our clients ensure favourable results in whatever project they are working on.

Our dedicated and professional staff has background and experience in television, theatre, live music and every other aspect of technical production and facilities design. We have equipment to handle almost every kind of project and excellent contacts both locally and internationally to be able to provide you with a seamless technical production. Constant investment in new technologies and training both by industry organizations and manufacturers keeps us at the forefront of our industry.



The audio rental operation has been the premiere audio rental company in Iceland for almost a decade. A great importance is placed upon being able to offer top quality equipment from leading manufacturers. This has made it possible for promoters and conference organisers to produce large events without having to spend large amounts of money on air freight.

Exton Sound relies on Meyer Sound and Midas for the supply of key equipment.

The lighting operation handles a lot more than lighting. Available equipment includes staging from Litestructures, Martin and High End moving lights, ETC control and profile spots, MA Lighting control, Barco projectors, Extron processing and JVC cameras and processing. They have handled most of the large projects in Iceland for the last two decades.

Exton Sales & Integration

Since 1992 Exton has been the leading company in Iceland in the field of professional lighting and audio equipment. From the year 2000 we have also offered design and integration services for our clients. Our integration service provides design and installation service for any kind of broadcast, audio, video or lighting project including, studios, malls, theatre, schools, etc. Key brands represented are Meyer Sound, Martin Professional, Midas, ETC, MA, Nexo, Grass Valley, Elemental, Vitec Group and many more.

The company has a very wide customer base, ranging from small clubs to the largest theatres, TV & Radio stations, promoters and conference organizers, home and professional recording studios, government and municipal authorities.

Exton has an excellent relationship with large European rental houses when sub hires are required. The companies include Seelite A/S, Sound Hire Ltd and Arena Seating, Mojo Barriers and many more.

Being the local representative for a number of leading manufacturers gives Exton access to their full marketing and technical support.

Large rental projects include :

  • Metallica July 2004
    The first concert held in Egilshollin and the biggest indoor concert so far in Iceland. Exton supplied a full production package including lighting, audio, staging and rigging.
  • Nato Ministerial Meeting in Reykjavik
    Exton provided pre- planning and cost analysis for all technical services. This included International broadcast services, telecommunications, interpretation equipment, etc. When the project was realized we provided all lighting, rigging, CCTV, paging and audio needs.
  • Airwaves Music Festival
    This has been the largest music festival in Iceland for a number of years featuring both national and international artists. Exton has provided lighting and sound for the majority of the larger events.
  • Carnegie Art Awards
    Carnegie Annual art show and award presentation held in October 2002, broadcast live to Scandinavia and Iceland.
  • Reykjavik Arts Festival
    Exton has supplied equipment and services for numerous concerts and theatre events for this biennial festival.
  • Celebration of 1000 years of Christianity
    In the year 2000 Iceland celebrated 1000 years of Christianity. The largest event was a two- day outdoor event at Thingvellir. Exton supplied lighting and audio for the largest stage. The sound system was specified to cater for up 70.000 people. The lighting needed to be bright nough so that video could be shot under the black canopy in the bright summer sun.
  • Icelandic building at Expo 2000 Hanover
    Exton provided design, installation and operation of A/V and multimedia systems.
  • Trade show booths at local and international trade shows.
  • Lighting and/or audio for concerts with Coldplay, Muse, Foo Fighters, Sting, David Bowie, Jose Carreras, Elton John, Bueno Vista Social Club, Diana Krall, Coldplay, Sugarbabes, Rammstein, Kiss, Nigel Kennedy, The Strokes, Nick Cave, Cesaria Evora, Travis, Bjork, Buena Vista Social Club, Robbie Willians, Tracie Lawrance, Richard Clyderman, Prodigy, Pulp, Blur, Boney M, The Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra, Metallica, Iron Maider, Duran Duran, Pink, Korn, Placebo, Kris Kristofferson, Kraftwerk, Deep Purple and many others.
  • Clients include government agencies and ministries, embassies, domestic and foreign corporations such as Cisco, British Telecom, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Ford Motor Corporation, Coca Cola and Pirelli amongst others.


  • General
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    • E-mail: exton at exton.is
  • Rental
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  • Sales
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